From the very beginning on, the development of human civilization has been intimately connected with advances in mechanics and material science. Time and again, the discovery of new materials such as bronze, iron or polymer materials has given rise to new ages. To make efficient use of these materials and improve them continuously, an ever-growing comprehension of mechanics is essential. This way, mechanics and materials science have become key for progress in civil, mechanical, automotive, marine and aerospace engineering, and recently more and more also biomedical engineering and medicine.

It is our mission to develop solutions to cutting-edge problems in these areas. To this end, we closely cooperate with the Helmholtz Center Hereon, a word-wide renowned major federal research laboratory in greater Hamburg.

An important part of our mission is sharing our knowledge with students to enable them to change the path of civilization for the better.

The Institute for Continuum and Material Mechanics of Hamburg University of Technology is closely collaborating with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon. Therefore, we introduce on this page to you also our colleagues and research based there.