Cooperation Agreement

How It Came About

Colleagues from various departments and hierarchy levels at the TUHH cooperated to develop "The Agreement on Appreciative and Respectful Cooperation". It was consequently adopted by the Executive Board as a guideline for collaboration at TUHH in 2018.

Agreement on Appreciative and Respectful Cooperation

We are convinced that all TUHH employees want appreciative and respectful cooperation and benefit from it and we are aware that we must all contribute to the success of this endeavor.

1. We treat and communicate with each other—irrespective of hierarchies—respectfully. We show interest in our colleagues’ knowledge and experience and maintain regular exchanges with them.

2. We maintain a constructive basic attitude toward one another, give each other appreciative feedback and at the same time raise critical points and differences of opinion openly and respectfully.

3. We deal openly with one another and face diversity at the TUHH with tolerance, heeding our own limits and those of others.

4. We react level-headedly, especially when people do not treat us appreciatively or respectfully. We keep in contact and clarify the situation.


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