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Funding opportunities and support

DBU - German Federal Foundation for the Environment (Doctoral Scholarships)

DFG - German Research Foundation

ECIU Researcher Mobility Fund of the TUHH
Contact persons at the TUHH: Dr. Krista Schölzig and Nicole Frei
Application information

ERP scholarship program for ten to twelve month research stays at top US universities in the context of dissertation projects

Euraxess - European information platform on researcher mobility

Fulbright Program - Scholarships for research stays in the USA

Homepage of the scholarships for gifted students

Humboldt-Foundation - Information platform of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) - Research grants for postdocs

Minerva Fellowship for research stays at Israeli institutions

Postdoctoral fellowship of the Claussen-Simon Foundation

Postdoctoral fellowships of the Foundation of the German Economy

Scholarship database of the DAAD

Scholarships Awarded on the Basis of the Hamburg Promotion of Scientific and Artistic Talent Act

Scholarship program for postdocs and junior professors of the Daimler and Benz Foundation

Walter Benjamin Program of the German Research Foundation (DFG) - research funding for postdocs

Exchange and networking - Exchange of research papers

German Association of Women Academics

German Association of University Professors and Lecturers

Eurodoc - Europe-wide association of doctoral students and young scientists

#InnovativeWomen - Platform for excellent women in science, business and society

Junge Akademie - academy for young scientists

Kisswin - Communication and Information System for Young Scientists

Network for Good Work in Science

Network against abuse of power in science 

Promovierenden Initiative - Association of scholarship holders from the graduate funding program

ResearchGate - Professional Network for Scientists and Researchers

Thesis - Interdisciplinary network for doctoral students and postdocs

UniWiND - University Association for the Qualification of Young Scientists in Germany


Careers in Science

Academia Net - Database for excellent female scientists

CEWS - Center of Excellence Women and Science

German Education Server - Your Gateway to Education

DGJ - Association for Modern Career Paths in Science

FemConsult - The database of female scientists

Femtec - Network for the promotion of women in science and technology

International DAAD Academy - Seminars and Workshops

Tenure-Track Programme of the Federal and State Governments

German as a Foreign Language

Goethe-Institut - Information and links to German courses and exams

Information offered by the DAAD

Language courses offered at the TUHH


American Association of University Women


European Consortium of Innovative Universities

European University Association - Council for Doctoral Education

Information for international doctoral candidates - Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Events and online talks of the "Reserach in Germany" initiative

Zeitschrift "ZEIT GERMANY - Study and Research"