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Room: C-0-101-1
Email: fabian.maximilian.giertzsch(at) Fabian Giertzsch

Fabian Giertzsch, M.Sc.

  • Methods for Data Analytics System Design
  • IoT Messaging Protocols
  • Computing and Machine Learning Frameworks for Data Analytics Systems
  • Condition-Based Maintenance and Operations of Aircraft Cabin

Supervised Student Theses

Completed Theses

  • Elicitation and Implemantation of an Open Messaging Standard for Aircraft Cabin Application (Master Thesis completed in July 2020)
  • White Box Approach for the Integration of Different SysML Models by Means of Specification Integration Facility (Master Thesis completed in February 2020)
  • Development of an approach to digitalize maintenance processes for aircraft cabin applications (Master Thesis completed in December 2019)
  • Application of a methodology using Model Based System Engineering for an appropriate design of a digitized aircraft galley (Project Work completed in November 2019)
  • Development of a Plugin to convert a SysML Functional and Product view to an 3D Integration view (Project Work completed in November 2019)


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