Simulation of Ditching Aircraft (SMAES)


The focus of the Smart Aircraft in Emergency Situations (SMAES) project is the development of tools to support the design and entry into service of safer aircraft. A set of advanced simulation techniques will be developed to allow more cost effective design methods and the integration of safety into advanced structural concepts. Of particular interest for future aircraft designs is the effective use of new materials, such as carbon-fibre composites, that lead to structures which behave differently under ditching loads. New design tools are required in order to allow effective use of these materials while maintaining safety. These tools will also support the continuing requirement for designs which provide a greater level of passenger protection than current aircraft.

TUHH aims to improve their ditching simulation tool DITCH. Emphasis is given to an enhancement of the structural and hydrodynamic load model.


The project is funded by the EU Commission's Seventh Research Framework Program (Grant FP7-266172). The work is performed in colaboration with ALENIA Aeronautica, ALTAIR Engineering, ARBUS Military, Airbus Operations, CIRA, Cranfield Univ., Dassault Aviation, ESI, INSEAN, ONERA, TU Dresden and the Univ. of East Anglia.


Project Duration



Dipl.-Ing. Niels Lange
Dipl.-Ing. Willem Gropengießer
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Rung