Development and application of a finite-volume-method for computation of flows around moving bodies on unstructured, overlapping grids

The aim of this research is the development of a numerical method for prediction of viscous flows using the overlapping grids. A complex computational domain is broken into smaller regions which can be represented by relatively simple grids. For example a body fitted grid covers the body-vicinity region and a background grid is in the rest of the computational domain. An overlap region exists between the two grids. In comparison to the conventional methods such grids are easier to generate and are of higher quality. A major task of this approach is to generate interconnectivity between grids.

The approach is based on finite-volume method for unstructured grids. The coupling of the solution between grid components is realized by means of interpolation of results between grids. In order to achieve high efficiency and accuracy, interpolation is performed during solution of the linear equation system.

With this method it will be possible to efficiently compute flows in complex geometries as well as flows with moving domain-boundaries like for example flows around moving bodies and multiple body systems.

Editor: Dipl.-Ing. Hidajet Hadzic
Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Milovan Peric

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