...to the Institute for Ethics in Technology at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). We are committed to pioneering research and education at the intersection of ethics, analytic philosophy, and technological innovation. Our ambition is to integrate the rigour and insights from philosophical ethics and humanistic inquiry into all phases of technological development, implementation, and use, especially those connected to artificial intelligence. The three core pillars of our work are research, teaching, and knowledge exchange.

Research: We are committed to advancing cutting-edge research that pushes the boundaries of ethical understanding in technology, fostering a landscape where innovation and ethics can walk hand in hand.

Teaching: Our teaching programs and educational activities help prepare the next generation of engineers, decision-makers, and technology leaders for the ethically complex environments they will face.

Knowledge exchange: We facilitate dialogues and partnerships across various sectors including society, politics, policy, and industry. Our engagement initiatives serve as a platform for exchanging knowledge, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that ethical considerations can be more easily integrated into real-world applications.