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Upcoming Talks

"Ubuntu as our Pathway to Inner Development" - Wakanyi Hoffman

Date & Time: 07 December 2024, 16:00 - 17:30  

Venue: Institute for Ethics in Technology, TUHH. Am Schwarzenberg Campus 3, 21073 Hamburg. Building E, 1st floor.

Join us for a compelling talk by Wakanyi Hoffman, Research Fellow at The New Institute Hamburg, as she explores the transformative concept of Ubuntu and its pivotal role in shaping our approach to the climate and moral crises facing our world. In a world intricately woven with diverse narratives, Africa's rich heritage presents the profound concept of "Ubuntu" - a philosophy emphasising our interconnected humanity. Ubuntu, a term that resonates beyond mere words, is encapsulated in the African ethos as "I am because we are." This concept highlights the interconnectedness of all life and the belief that our individual and collective well-being are inextricably linked.

Popularised by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in post-apartheid South Africa, Ubuntu serves as a unifying cry across various African cultures. Its essence lies in the ethical principles of survival, solidarity, compassion, respect, dignity, and the pivotal concept of reciprocity. Reciprocity, or treating all life as we wish to be treated, is a universal principle found in numerous disciplines and indigenous worldviews.

Hoffman delves into the three levels of inner development under Ubuntu: Independence, Interdependence, and Interconnectedness. These stages guide us toward a deeper understanding of our role in the natural world and emphasise the need for a new moral framework in addressing the current climate and inner climate crises.

This lecture is not just a presentation of an idea; it's an invitation to embrace a new operating system, a logic of the heart, that aligns with the shared principles of Ubuntu and reciprocity.