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Abwasserwirtschaft und Gewässerschutz
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Lukas Huhn


I commit myself to the guideline for safeguarding good scientific practice and distance myself from all varieties of so-called conspiracy ideologies.

I am not  affiliated with any religious or ideological association and  distance myselve from any kind of racism, anti-semitism, sexism and other extremist attitudes. Freedom (of opinion), access to information, tolerance, democracy and hospitality are very important to me.

Publications by Lukas Huhn

Lopez Mendez, B.; Huhn, L. (2017): Literature Review on Managed Aquifer Recharge in the Context of Water and Soil Restoration Methods. in R Schaldach & R Otterpohl (eds), RUVIVAL Publication Series vol. 2, Hamburg, pp. 6–18

Research Projects Lukas Huhn

Influences of Soil-Building Agriculture on dynamics in the water and nutrient cycle
Supported by: TUHH
Project periode: 11-01-2017 to 10-31-2024

Lukas Huhn

The Project is handled by:
Lukas Huhn
Scientific Employee
Tel.: +49 40 42878-2416

Others involved with the project: Claas Menke
Project leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Otterpohl