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Fundamentals of Ceramics and Polymers (EN) (VL)
This course is part of the module: Fundamentals of Materials Science (EN), Fundamentals of Materials Science (GES), Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (EN)
Vorlesung (Lehre)

After the lecture you should be able to (lecture objectives):

  • Understand the basic structure of polymers and ceramics
  • Know how to characterize the properties of polymeric and ceramic materials
  • Know how to analyze the microstructure of ceramic and polymeric materials
  • Identify and understand the main fabrication techniques to process ceramics and polymers

Ceramic materials

  1. Introduction to material science and engineering
    What is material science and materials engineering? What is the relevance of them for other engineering disciplines?
  2. Introduction to ceramic materials
    what are ceramic materials and where are they used? Overview of potential applications.
  3. Crystal structure of ceramics
    Different crystal structures of ceramics; influence of bonding type on properties; influence of crystal structure on properties; phase transition.
  4. Ceramic powder preparation and shaping
    mixing, comminution, separation and granulation of powders; dry and wet routes for processing; shaping methods: die and isostatic pressing, slip casting, tape casting, robocasting (3D printing), extrusion, injection molding.
  5. Sintering and microstructures
    Driving force and mechanism of sintering; types of sintering processes; sintering stages; resulting microstructures: what is a microstructure? how to analyze it? why analyze it?
  6. Characterization of ceramics
    Overview of the main techniques used to characterize ceramic materials.
  7. Functionalproperties of ceramics
    Overview of the different applications ofceramics according to their functional properties.

Polymeric materials

  1. Polymers in engineering
    Development ofpolymers; A worldofpolymers; Properties ofpolymersand lighweight; Recycling and productlifecycles
  2. Synthesis and structure of the macromolecule
    Synthesis and structureofpolymers; Structureand bonds;
  3. Structural properties, rheology
    Structuralpropertiesofpolymers; Temperaturedependentproperties; Rheologicalproperties
  4. Processing
    Extrusion; Injectionmolding; Other processes
  5. Mechanical properties
    Deformation behavior; Determination ofcharacteristicvalues; Failurebehaviorand mechanicaltesting
  6. Compositematerials
    Introduction; Lightweight design and manufacture; Reinforcement principle; Mechanicalproperties
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