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Student Theses

The following theses and project works have been carried out in context of this I3-Lab:

1. Project-Thesis: Optimal impedance matching for piezo receivers (Mr. Laxmi Tamang)
2. Project-Thesis: Ultrasonic Through-Metal Wireless Energy Transfer (Mr. Hussien Saleh)
3. Master-Thesis: Efficient modulation schemes for ultrasonic through-metal communication (Mr. Cem Aygün)
4. Master-Thesis: Remaining fatigue life of aluminum specimen affected by the micro cracks at different locations subjected to cyclic loading using a non-linear acoustic method (Mr. Hans-Konrad Witte, awarded with the Masterpreis des Bauindustrieverband Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein 2020)
5. Master-Thesis: Experimental study towards the reliability of the vibro-acoustic modulation method to predict the remaining life time of metals under fatigue loading (Ms. Ricarda Stolz, awarded with the SICK Wissenschaftspreis 2020)
6. Bachelor-Thesis: Application of Computer Tomography for the Characterization of Metal Material (Mr. Samy Touabi)
7. Bachelor-Thesis: Lifetime prediction of glass fibre reinforced laminates under fatigue loading using Vibroacoustic modulation (Mr. Torben Dräger)
8. Project-Thesis: Modelling of vibro-acoustic modulation using the Finite Element Method for Structural Health Monitoring Applications (Mr. Khuldoon Usman)
9. Master-Thesis: Influence of the vibrational excitation on the vibro acoustic modulation (Ms. Rebecca Ling-Shu Sum)
10. Bachelor-Thesis: Structural Health monitoring of carbon fiber reinforced laminates under fatigue load with Vibro-Acoustic modulation (Mr. Jesper Stegelmann)
11. Forschungspraktikum Elektrotechnik: Design and Implementation of a signal generator for ultrasonic through metal communication.