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The software part of my dissertation, Lurupa is a tool to rigorously bound the optimal value of a linear program and compute verified enclosures of near optimal feasible points. It is written in pure ANSI C++ and uses the interval library PROFIL/BIAS. In addition a linear programming solver is needed to compute approximate solutions. Currently only lp_solve is supported but modules to link to other solvers are planned and can be easily implemented.

Download: lurupa-1.0.tar.gz


Profil is a C++ class library based on the C library BIAS for developing and implementing interval algorithms in a comfortable but nevertheless efficient way.

More details here.


This piece of software resulted out of my need to read MPS coded linear programs into MATLAB. Meanwhile it consists mostly of two header files that do the parsing and can thus parse MPS files in C++ programs. The Matlab interface is provided as a mex function. If you have GMP installed the C++ part can give you the EXACT linear program coded in the MPS file. In this case the decimal fractions in the MPS file are converted exactly to rational numbers.

open issues:

Download: readMps-509.tar.bz2
This release from 2007-05-24 added:

readmps.m and mps2mat.m now display a help message if the mex functions can not be found.
Added makereadmps to compile the mex functions from the MATLAB prompt.

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