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  • Stefan Krüger, Björn Carstensen, Johannes Will, Farhan Matin, Lutz Kleinsorge, Rainer Grabert (2021). ESD@SEA – Entwurf von propulsionsverbessernden Massnahmen bei Betriebsbedingungen. Statustagung, digital. [pdf]

  • Johannes Will, Anja Kömpe (2015). Improvements in the Prediction of the Wave Making Resistance from Potential Flow by Using Transverse Wave Cut Analysis. OMAE, St. John's, Canada. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Stefan Krüger, Adele Lübcke, Johannes Will, Florian Kluwe, Kay Martinsen (2015). Design Aspects of a High Speed monohull RoPax Ferry. OMAE, St. John's, Canada. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Johannes Will, Lars Greitsch (2014). Optimized Propulsor Retrofit for Slow Steaming for a Post Pan-Max Container Vessel. OMAE, San Francisco, USA. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Johannes Will, Florian Kluwe (2013). Bossing Design for RoRo Ships Using a Fast RANSE-Approach. PRADS, Korea. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Johannes Will, Jakob Christiansen (2013). Improvements in the Prediction of the Characteristic Wave Pattern of Blunt Ships with Potential Codes. OMAE, Nantes, France. [pdf]

  • Johannes Will (2010). Enhancement of the Computational Efficiency for Viscous Steady State Free Surface Flows Around Ships. Diplomarbeit, Hamburg. [pdf]

  • Johannes Will, Manuel Manzke, Thomas Rung (2010). Efficient Viscous Wave-Resistance Analysis. PRADS, Rio de Janeiro. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Johannes Will, Jörn Kröger, Ole Hympendahl, Thomas Rung (2008). Computation of flows around wetted transom sterns with a potential flow code. NuTTS, Brest. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Johannes Will, Thomas Rung, Ole Hympendahl, Niels Lange (2008). Computational Modelling of Transom-Stern Flows with Potential-Flow Methods. Europeen F6-Project, Hamburg. [pdf]

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