Optimization and Dimensioning of a Ships steelstructure in the Early Design Stage

This project is running.

For more detailed information please get in touch with one of the contact persons: Nicolas Rox


The following publications have been written during the research project:

  • Nicolas Rox (2016). Ein ganzheitliches Entwurfsverfahren für die Konzeptionierung der Stahlstruktur von RoRo-Fahrgastschiffen. Promotion, Hamburg. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Nicolas Rox (2015). Parameter Controlled Optimization of Grillage Shaped RoRo Deck Structures. IMDC, Tokyo. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Nicolas Rox (2015). Optimierung von RoRo-Decks in der frühen Entwurfsphase. IWMS, Hamburg. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Nicolas Rox (2014). Improving the early steel design process by integrating strength calculation and rule checking capabilities in a ship design tool. OMAE, San Francisco, USA. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Nicolas Rox, Ole Christian Astrup (DNV Norway) (2013). Streamlining the Steel Design Process by Linking Design and Rule Scantling Tools. Compit, Cortona, Italy. [Abstract] [pdf]