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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

13:00       Registration & welcome coffee

13:55       Welcome speech

Session I — photonics & metamaterials

14:05       Next generation thermal barrier coatings

                 — Robert Vaßen

14:40       High temperature stable broadband reflectors and structural colors

                 — Manfred Eich

15:15       High temperature stability of oxide photonic structures

                 — Rolf Janßen


15:50       Coffee break

16:20       Thermal metamaterials: recent developments and future trends

                 — Zubin Jacob

16:55       Far field and near field emitters with multiscale material systems

                 — Alexander Petrov

17:30       Microparticles for photonic high temperature applications: synthesis and characterisation

                 Tobias Vossmeyer


18:30       Dinner

20:30       Poster session



Thursday, 5 November 2015

Session II — nanocomposites

09:00       Multiscale hybrid composites for high toughness
                 — Daniel Wagner

09:35       Strong and ductile metallic nano-network structures by dealloying

                 — Jörg Weißmüller
10:10       Soft fillings in nanoporous solids: from fundamentals to functionalities

                  — Patrick Huber

10:45       Coffee break

11:15       Nanoporous Au—When less is more

                 — Cynthia Volkert

11:50       Mechanical scaling behavior of nanoporous gold based on 3D structural analysis and

                 nanoindentation-based testing — Erica Lilleodden

12:25       Lunch

13:30       Unifying principles in product design — Characterisation of mechanical particle properties

                 — Wolfgang Peukert

14:05       Towards designed nanoscale system via self-assembly

                 — Oleg Gang

14:40       Wet-chemical synthesis, self-assembly and nanocomposite formation of nanocrystals

                 — Horst Weller


15:15       Coffee break

15:45       Organically linked supercrystal of iron oxide nanoparticles with excellent mechanical strength and hardness 

                 — Gerold Schneider

16:20       Using the spouted bed spray granulation for fabricating of hierarchical composites

                 — Stefan Heinrich

16:55       Design of self-healing polymers: labile bonds as structuring principle

                 Wolfgang Binder


18:15       Joint dinner with the colloquium on the occasion of the 65th birthday of the scientific director

                 of the HZG, Prof. Kaysser




Friday, 6 November 2015

Session III — architectured materials

09:00       Mechanical metamaterials with high strength and low density based on 3D direct laser writing

                 — Oliver Kraft

09:35       The compressive stiffness of ordered foams

                 — Robert McMeeking

10:10       Self-assembled ultra high strength, ultra stiff mechanical metamaterials based on inverse opals

                 — Jefferson do Rosário


10:45       Coffee break

11:15       Hierarchical porous solids and their interaction with molecules and ions

                 Oskar Paris

11:50       Understanding and designing interactions between polar surfaces in water

                 — Roland Netz

12:25       Closing remarks & lunch