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At the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), the new Collaborative Research Centre SFB 986 “Tailor-Made Multi-Scale Materials Systems – M3“ was established on July 1st, 2012. In addition to the TUHH, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht and the University of Hamburg are participating in the SFB. The SFB 986 is set to both develop and manufacture multi-scale structured materials with tailor-made mechanical, electrical, and photonic properties. Three interconnected project areas investigate this innovation potential:
A: Quasi-self-similar hierarchical materials systems
B: Nano-structured multi-phase materials systems, and
C: Materials systems for photonics at high temperatures.
An integrated graduate school promotes networking and interaction among the early-career scientists within the SFB.

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Research Positions

Student Positions

2 student assistants (studentische Hilfskräfte): Development of novel photonic thermal barrier coatings and bio-inspired structural colors


Area C of the SFB 986 on Tailor-Made Multi-Scale Material Systems (M3) is developing novel photonic thermal barrier coatings and bio-inspired structural colors. The processing route includes the development of self-assembly methods to generate polymeric templates, which can be later infiltrated via atomic layer deposition (see details in https://tinyurl.com/hiwijobsfb).The objective is to produce and characterize new photonic materials for high-temperature applications.


1. Development of self-assembly processes
2. Preparation of diverse polymeric templates for the materials described above
3. Characterization of the obtained materials’ structures via several techniques
4. Evaluation of the materials’ performance and comparison with the literature

The following qualifications are required:

1. Reliable, meticulous and well-organized work style
2. Determined, focused and eager to learn
3. Basic knowledge of laboratory procedures
4. Very good knowledge of English (project language is English)
5. To have completed or to be in the 3rd semester of the Bachelor’s, i.e. 3rd semester or later
6. Knowledge of MS Office products (or similar) and other basic computer software

We offer:

1. Very flexible working hours and days (min 10h, max 19h/week)
2. Independent work
3. An insight into cutting-edge material science research
4. A pleasant working atmosphere at TUHH (Institute of Advanced Ceramics)

The position is available from now and for a work period of 3 months. Extensions are possible, provided suitability for the job, as funds for this position are available until 30.06.2020.

How to apply?

1. Prepare a CV in English (maximum 2 pages). Save the file with your complete name as file name, i.e. Name_Surname_CV.pdf
2. Write a short motivation letter (maximum 300 words) including how many hours per week you have available to work and from which date on you could start. Save the file as Name_Surname_ML.pdf
3. Save your current transcript of records as .pdf file. Name it as Name_Surname_TR.pdf
4. Send your application documents via E-mail to:

Dr. Kaline P. Furlan
Postdoctoral researcher

TU Hamburg
Denickestr. 15, building K 3560

If you are interested in a student position, please, contact the project leaders or their staff directly.