The applicability of panMARE is greatly enriched with extensions for specific cases called techniques.The techniques are intended to step into panMARE's solving routine at various points. They allow the user to manipulate and control the entire simulation algorithm.

Once a technique is activated, it registers it's own callback routines to the given global model. All registered techniques for one callback are sorted by a priority factor.

The following techniques are implemented in panMARE and continuously developed by the panMARE team:

  • Cavitation Technique
  • Discrete Singularities Technique
  • Force Element Technique
  • Free Motion Technique
  • Free Surface Technique
  • Friction Technique
  • Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings Equation Technique
  • Lifting Line Technique
  • Mooring Technique
  • Pressure Kutta Condition Technique
  • Source Correction Technique
  • Split Technique
  • Velocity Linker Technique
  • Velocity Map Technique
  • Velocity Profile Technique
  • Vortex Cavitation Technique
  • Vortex Particle Technique
  • Waves Technique