Dr. techn. Andreas Meisel, SFI

Dr. techn. Andreas Meisel is lecturer at the Institute for Metal and Composite Structures, TUHH

Dr. Meisel is member of the leading team at WKC HAMBURG GMBH - PLANNING IN CIVIL ENGINEERING.

Dr. Meisel supports our teaching with the important subject of Timber Construction and incorporates practical experience into the lectures as well. The lecture 'Innovative Timber Construction' is offered during the winter semester.

Master Lecture: Innovative Timber Construction

Wood is the ultimate sustainable building material and its application has been experiencing a renaissance in the northern German region for several years. Besides conventional buildings, long-span hall structures and high-rise buildings are also increasingly being constructed using timber construction methods. In the education of future civil engineers, advanced knowledge is required in order to design structurally sound, economical, aesthetical and, last but not least, durable timber structures.

After the introduction, the lecture first focuses on the historical origins. The principles for the preservation of these masterpieces of carpentry, which are up to around 850 years old, are explained. „Ordinary“ timber frame structures (timer framing, timber skeleton construction) are assumed to be known; therefore, the lecture addresses surface structures in timber construction. Naturally, high-performance material combinations such as timber-concrete composites, high-strengh wood-based materials and innovative connectors are also discussed. The construction of high-rise buildings using timber constructions is presented. Since wood is an organic building material, knowledge of the most important wood-damaging organisms (fungi and insects) and constructive wood protection is of central importance for durability.

At the end of the lecture, it is planned that a guest speaker will present an extraordinary structural engineering project in timber.

Further information can be found in the study program designer/TUNE.