Dr. Fawad Mohammadi

Dr. Fawad Mohammadi is a lecturer at the Institute for Metal and Composite Structures, TUHH

Dr. Mohammadi is the Business Development Manager at the engineering firm Jörss-Blunck-Ordemann in Hamburg. In this exciting lecture, Dr. Mohammadi shares his experience as a consulting engineer in structural engineering and the offshore industry, which he gained from projects in Germany and Brazil.

Master Lecture "Berechnung von Offshore-Tragwerken"

The topics being discussed in this lecture are: 

Topic 1: Types of Offshore Structures, Fixed and floating structures for Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industry
Topic 2: Wave Forces, Morisons equation
Topic 3: Irregular Seastates, Power spectrum and application of FFT
Topic 4: Additional Environmental Forces, wind spectra, current forces
Topic 5: Linear-Time-Invariant Systems, response of an LTI-system in frequency domain
Topic 6: Tubular Welded Connections, stress concentration factors, weld geometry
Topic 7: Introduction to Fracture Mechanics, criteria for fracture initiation and crack growth
Topic 8: Time and Frequency Domain Fatigue Analyses, rainflow counting, application of LTI-systems for frequency domain fatigue
Topic 9: Offshore Installation and Exam, installation of structures, pile driving, pipe laying techniques