Developing our faculty's Ph.D. students’ skills is another of the Institute’s teaching goals. Special courses, workshops, and summer schools for Ph.D. students focus on research methods, research project management, presentation of the latest research results, grant applications, and successful publication in top-tier journals.


The Institute of Management and Decision Sciences at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has the following teaching goals:

  • We seek to provide students with the theoretical fundamentals of Business Administration.
  • Students will gain specific knowledge of
    • Human Resource Management (e.g., strategic human resource management, the process-oriented approach to human resource management, and human resource development), and
    • Organizations (e.g., strategic organizational management, change management, organizational design, and organizational behavior).
  • Experience-based teaching enables students to learn from business practice, while theoretical reflection is integrated into teaching.
  • Case studies and computer-based applications (e.g., SAP-ERP software, and management games) allow students to test their skills on challenging practical problems.
  • Business cooperation (e.g., guest lecturers, seminars on topics concerning our business practice partners, and final thesis projects) enable students to
    • understand business practices’ needs and realities,
    • apply the acquired knowledge to real-world problems, and
    • establish strong links with potential future employers.

Our lecture topics include, among others: Foundations of Business Administration, Human Resource Management and Organizational Design, Corporate Finance, and Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP-ERP) (see Schedule of Lectures for further information).

Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge

The Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge is located within the project seminar of the master degree program International Management & Engineering (IWI) and provides a deeper understanding of how to develop a business solution in a real-life setting.


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