We are hiring! (see below)

Aside from the current vacancies, we are always looking for motivated, dedicated and reliable members to join our team. If you are interested in a self-funded internship (interns and trainees) or research stay (scientists, postdoctoral and doctoral researchers), you are very welcome to directly contact the head of the group Prof. Kaline P. Furlan per Email.

Opening for Topic Contact Language
Project Work (Projektarbeit)
or Master Thesis
3D printing of microfluidic reactors Prof. Furlan EN/DE
Project work
or Bachelor Thesis
No current openings at the moment.    
or Master Theses
No current openings at the moment.    
Undergraduate Research
Assistant (HiWi)
No current openings at the moment.    
Researcher (PhD candidate) No current openings at the moment.    
Postdoctoral researcher No current openings at the moment.    

In case you are interested in applying for one of the topics, please use the official TUHH portal (in case there is a link) or contact the corresponding contact person per Email. In the Email include what motivates you to apply and attached a short CV(maximum of 2 pages) together with your most-recent transcript of records. Also make sure to indicate when you could start (mm/yyyy), how many hours you would dedicate to the work per week and when you expect to be finished. For opportunities listed in the TUHH's official portal, please use the portal to apply (button at the end of the webpage).

For the specific case of project works, students are also encouraged to submit their own project proposals on topics that could be developed within the Integrated Materials Systems Group at the Institute of Advanced Ceramics (check the “Research” tab for details about our main research topics and projects). Requests should be submitted to the IMS group members, according to their research topics (check the tab “Team” for details).

For Bachelor and Master’s Thesis, we accept requests for joint thesis with companies, when the academic requirements are met and the project has a clear scientific research question. Requests should be submitted per Email directly to the head professor, Prof. Furlan. Your Email request should include your CV and most-recent transcript of records as attachment, as well as the thesis goal, possible research questions, contact person within the company and expected timeframe in the email body.  For guidelines on how to conduct scientific work within our group, please check the tab “Teaching”.