Green macroalgae as source of ulvan

The efficient use of our planet's resources for the sustainable production of new bio-based products is critical to reduce environmental pressures. Macroalgae, an abundant and sustainable resource, represent a promising feedstock for bio-based products.

Check out our recently published paper ''Enzyme-Assisted Extraction of Ulvan from the Green Macroalgae Ulva fenestrata'' (by Ana Malvis Romero, José Julián Picado Morales, Leon Klose and Andreas Liese from the Institute of Technical Biocatalysis - TUHH, Hamburg University of Technology) and learn more about the use of Ulva fenestrata as source of biopolymers.

The paper has been published in the Special Issue ''Contribution of Enzyme Catalysis to the Achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals'' in Molecules: