Dechema Virtual Talks: Marine Biotechnology

Chances and Opportunities for Marine Biotechnology and Bioeconomy

1st Talk: Microalgae - 12 May 2022, 15:00-16:30h

2nd Talk: Macroalgae - 19 May 2022, 15:00-16:30h

Online event

Marine resources play a significant role in addressing many of the challenges that our society is facing nowadays, including climate change, growing population limited resources or energy crisis. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients, food supplements, animal feeds and biofuels, among many other products, are nowadays derived from marine organisms. Therefore, the sustainable use of marine resources is of great importance for a successful transition to a Circular Bioeconomy.

In our two virtual talks, we will talk a detailed look at the Chances and Opportunities for Marine Biotechnology and Bioeconomy with a focus on two of the most valuable marine organisms: micro- and macroalgae. Diverse topics such as cultivation techniques, processing technologies, novel derived products, market needs and existing bottlenecks, among many others, will be covered in our virtual talks. 

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