Research group "Impact of climate change"

Background and motivation

Climate change poses non-negligible risks to the built environment. Global warming and the changes in the climate system, e.g. heat waves, extreme rainfall, floods, landslides, droughts and water scarcity, increasingly affect safety and resilience of the built environment, entailing consequent risks posed to human individuals and the general public. Aiming at mitigating the risks, the goal of this research group is to analyze the effects of climatic changes to the built environment, such as buildings and civil infrastructure, and to develop sustainable measures towards structural adaptations of the built environment to the impacts of the changed climate. Emphasis is put on adaptations with respect to static and dynamic behavior, indoor comfort, and energy efficiency of residential and industrial buildings.

Impact of climate change on thermal comfort and energy efficiency

Within the research group, the Institute of Digital and Autonomous Construction as an associated partner and the Chair of Building Physics at Bauhaus University Weimar, in their sub project investigate the effects of climate change on thermal comfort and energy efficiency of buildings. The anthropogenic climate change, e.g. due to summer heat waves, causes higher air and radiation temperatures in buildings, entailing decreased thermal comfort, thus decreased work efficiency, of users. In the sub project of the aforementioned partners, wireless sensor networks and distributed artificial intelligence algorithms will be developed to achieve an IoT-based cyber-physical system serving as a demonstrator for the illuminating the interrelations between climate change and thermal comfort/energy efficiency.

Project partners

  • Project applicants at Bauhaus University Weimar: Chair of Complex Structures (Professor Dr. Abrahamczyk, coordination), Chair of Computing in Civil Engineering (Professor Dr. Smarsly), Chair of Building Physics (Professor Dr. Völker), Chair of Modeling and Simulation of Structures (Professor Dr. Morgenthal), Chair of Steel Construction (Professor Dr. Kraus)
  • Associated partner: Institute of Digital and Autonomous Construction (Professor Dr. Smarsly)


Professor Dr. Kay Smarsly
Hamburg University of Technology
Institute of Digital and Autonomous Construction
Blohmstraße 15
21079 Hamburg
Email: kay.smarsly(at)tuhh(dot)de

Professor Dr. Abrahamczyk
Bauhaus University Weimar
Chair of Complex Structures
Marienstr. 13 d
99423 Weimar
Email: lars.abrahamczyk(at)uni-weimar(dot)de