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Present research at IBB is done mainly along two lines:

  1. Methodology und fundamental studies in systems and synthetic biology to understand and design biomolecular and cellular processes;
  2. Enabling technologies and tools such as automated global screening and optimization of biomolecules and cells, new bioreactors for electrofermentation and CO2 bioconversion.

They are integrated for developing new bioproducts or more efficient bioprocesses and biosystems in industrial and medical biotechnologies.


Modelling and Design

Modeling is used as a fundamental tool for understanding and designing biomolecules and cell factories. In particular, a multicsale modeling approach from molecular dynamcis to kinetics of reactions is implemented for the design and evolution of biomolecular sensors, regulatory proteins, enzyme reaction cascades and metabolic pathways. Cells are designed as smart robots for biocomputing and in vivo high-throughput screening.

Experimental: Build and Test

As a key step of the Design-Build-Test cycle, experimental studies range from evaluating designed biomolecules, pathways and microorganisms at molecular level to bioprocess optimization at different scales of bioreactors (up to 300 L) and miniplant for integrated biosynthesis and product purification. Both microbial and mammalian cells and cultivation systems are studied in the context of systems and synthetic biology and process development.


We develop new bioproduction systems with high yield and productivity for (1) chemicals and fuels such as 1,3-propanediol, caproic acid, n-butanol and biogas; (2) fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals such as amino acids, microbial lipids and recombinant proteins.  Waste materials and C1 (e.g. CO2) carbons are more and more in focus as substrates. We collaborate with industrial partners in different ways, such as contract research and development, consulting and feasibility study.



List of projects

This page lists all our current projects with links to individual descriptive reports and/or results summaries (PDF).

Please also refer to the general project overview site.

Attention: all information presented here is protected by copyright.


Biomolecular Engineering & Synthetic Biology


Systems Biology and Metabolic Engineering


Microbial Systems

  • EU:  Novel BIOrefinery platform methodology for a driven production of CHEMicals from low-grade biomass (BIOCHEM)
  • TUHH: Growth of Clostridium pasteurianum in bio-electrochemical H-cell reactor
  • TUHH: Development of New Methods in Fast Sampling and in Sample Processing for Microbial Metabolomics
  • EU (EFRE): Bio-Profi - Modellgestützte Bioprozessentwicklung zur Herstellung von natürlichen Milcholigosacchariden für medizinische Anwendnungen


Cell Culture Technology



Accomplished projects

Following is a list of previously accomplished projects with links to individual descriptive reports and/or results summaries (PDF).