Yujun Zhang successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!
The course "Experimental Course Bioprocess Engineering – Fundamentals" will be [...]
For his research in Bioprocess engineering Prof. Dr. An-Ping Zeng from the Hamburg University of [...]
The european joint project "Neuartige BIOraffinerie-Plattformtechnologie für [...]
The course "Advanced Practical Course Bioprocess Engineering" will be held on [...]


The education focuses on the Master/Bachelor-students of Chemical Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering and the international Master-students of Process Engineering and Biotechnology. Lectures, practical courses and project works are offered.

A total list of lectures is available on the server of the TUHH.

ATTENTION: All lecture notes are available on Stud.IP

During the studies every student has to do one project work and one master thesis. This work can also be done at this department. Offers of project works and master theses on different subjects you can also see on the black board of the department.