Guest Lectures

Does host-home country similarity really have an impact on performance when internationalizing? The case of Spanish firmsJulen Castillo Apraiz02.07.2019
Customizing exploitation and exploration quality management practices to strategy: Implications for firm performanceJulen Castillo Apraiz

Change Management in Theory and PracticeSonja Voltjes (Airbus GmbH)14.06.2018
Agile Projekt ManagementAneka Maschewski (Accenture)31.05.2018
Economic Success through Self-Marketing, Negotiations, and Financial PlanningAlexander Wichmann (MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG)06.11.2017
Organizational Design and Human Resource Management at XingLeila Schmuck (Xing)18.05.2017
Equity AnalysisRoland Rapelius (M.M.Warburg & Co)24.01.2017
Rhetoric success: Self marketing in written and oral applications and negotiationsAlexander Wichmann, Riza Tanriver (MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG)07.11.2016
Case study as part of the block seminar "Selected Topics and Advanced Business Cases in Project Management"Aneka Maschweski, Anika Weichler, Constantin Fischer (Accenture)09./10.06.2016
Workshop: Change ManagementSebastian Busse, Andreas Jost (Accenture)14.12.2015
Change ManagementMartin Puppatz (Universität Lüneburg)23.11.2015
Workplace IncivilityDr. Ida Rosnita Ismail (UKM Malaysia)16.11.2015
Workshop: Euro Textil Stefan Nyhuis and colleagues (Accenture)25./26.06.2015
EmployabilityDr. Ida Rosnita Ismail (UKM Malaysia)16.06.2015
Accenture Project ManagementAneka Maschewski (Accenture)11.06.2015
Top Trends in HR ManagementSebastian Busse, Susanne Handorf (Accenture)04.06.2015
SAP Implementation Projects Accenture Delivery MethodologyAneka Maschewski (Accenture)09.12.2014
Leadership Management in IT consultingZoltán Fiala (Adesso AG)24.11.2014
Leadership and Organizational DevelopmentAneka Maschewski (Accenture)17.11.2014
Strategy Masal - Growth and Corporate Strategies in India that work!András Tóth14.02.2014
Working Capital ReductionAlbrecht Altenhöner (Accenture)28.01.2014
Die Erschließung strategischer Wachstumsfelder - Ein Praxisbeispiel aus der TelekommunikationsbrancheRuben von Fürstenberg09.01.2014
HR Management in der IT BeratungZoltán Fiala (Adesso AG)09.12.2013
ProzessmanagementLars Krähmüller (Accenture)02.12.2013
IT Projects (SAP)Aneka Maschewski (Accenture)25.11.2013
Interkulturelle KommunikationSebastian Busse (Accenture)18.11.2013
Methods-Time MeasurementMarkus Busenbach (Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e.V.)04.11.2013
Workshop "Euro Post"Patrick Welder and colleagues (Accenture)27./28.06.2013
Future Trends in HRMSebastian Busse (Accenture)13.06.2013
Accenture Project ManagementAneka Maschewski (Accenture)28.05.2013
Place-of-Origin Effects on Brand Equity - The Role of Relational Mediator Specificity and Association StrengthMikael Andéhn (Stockholm University School of Business)18.06.2013
Working Capital Management in Business PracticeStefanie Barthe (Accenture, Manager Finance and Performance Management)22.01.2013
Finance Standardization and Transparency at BDFDr. Frank Claassen (BDF, Head of Finance Standardization and Transparency)08.01.2013
Ganzheitliches Prozessmanagement mit Office EngineeringMarkus Busenbach, Sonja Basjmeleh (Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e.V.)03.12.2012
Project ManagementAneka Maschewski (Accenture)03.12.2012
Business Process ManagementLars Krähmüller (Accenture)26.11.2012
Overcoming Cultural Barriers in PracticeSebastian Busse (Accenture)12.11.2012
Organizational and Personal Development in a Cross-Country Context: The Role of HRVerena Mamsch (tesa HR Manager Western Europe)05.11.2012
Workshop "Euro Textil"Patrick Welder and colleagues (Accenture)28./29.06.2012
MaintenanceSven Foellmer (Arcelor Mittal)28.06.2012
Latest Trends from HR ConsultingSebastian Busse (Accenture)14.06.2012
Accenture Project ManagementAneka Maschewski (Accenture)24.05.2012
Change Management by AccentureMartin Puppatz (Accenture)16.05.2012
"Product Innovation" by SironaDr. Joachim Pfeiffer (Sirona GmbH)02.05.2012
Issue-Based Problem SolvingDavid Drabe17.04.2012
Accenture Project ManagementAneka Maschewski (Accenture)31.01.2012
Geschäftsprozessoptimierung mit MTMDr. Hans Fischer (Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e.V.)17./24.01.2012
"Corporate Finance" by SironaJost Fischer (Sirona GmbH)16.01.2012
Workshop "Euro Textil"Martin Puppatz and colleagues (Accenture)30.06./01.07.2011
Change ManagementMartin Puppatz (Accenture)28.06.2011
Issue Based Problem SolvingJulian Theis (Accenture)04.05.2011
Erarbeitung eines PersonalmanagementkonzeptsProf. Dr. Silke Boenigk (Universität Hamburg)10.01.2011