The Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge is located within the project seminar of the master degree program International Management & Engineering (IWI) and provides a deeper understanding of how to develop a business solution in a real-life setting.

The topic of the challenge changes with each semester and realignes with current interests from business practice. Monthly workshops in collaboration with Accenture have in the past covered the following topics:

  • Developing a business case,
  • Innovation with design thinking,
  • Agile project management,
  • Financial assessment of business cases,
  • Presentation techniques.

The workshops take place in the summer term, wherein the students apply the gained knowledge to their own group business cases and finally present their solutions to a jury of Senior Accenture Managers. To sucessfully complete the seminar, the students must write a project thesis on the development and financial assessment of their business cases, additionally.

Accenture is the worldwide leading consultancy agency for strategy, management consulting, digitalization, technology, outsourcing, and business transformation. Over 500,000 employees in 200 offices out of 56 countries are working at Accenture. More than 40% of their work focuses on digital transformation, whereby they serve 94 of the Fortune Global 100 and 3/4 of the Fortune Global 500.

Sample process of a business case development

Example projects from the last years

Ageing society (Summer Term 2023)


LifeLink is an emergency wristband designed to give elderly people more security and well-being in their daily lives. In the event of a fall, family members are automatically contacted. In contrast to conventional emergency wristbands, the LifeLink impresses with its modern design.


SimPill is an innovative solution aimed at transforming medication management in the elderly care sector. With a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and safety, SimPill offers a streamlined approach to administering medications for senior residents in care facilities. Our smart medication dispenser ensures accurate dosages and timely administration, reducing the risk of polypharmacy and medication errors. SimPill empowers caregivers by saving time on medication preparation, allowing them to allocate more attention to individualized resident care.


SMATTE revolutionizes physiotherapy: The intelligent sports mat independently recognizes and evaluates the rehab exercises performed and thus enables the patient to perform rehab exercises at home in a high quality. With the help of the SMATTE App, the physiotherapist can create an individual training plan for the patient for a fast and optimal recovery.

Augmented reality (Summer term 2022)


"EDULAR is a product that uses a modular kit and an augmented reality application to revolutionize physics education by making phenomena visible that would otherwise remain hidden."


With the skylAR app, visitors can explore the skyline from viewing platforms. The surroundings are scanned live and the most important information about the sights is provided.

New work (summer term 2021)


Advision is a platform promoting “New Work” in that it focuses on two goals, (1) promoting employees’ innovative ideas through an integrated “improvement management” and (2) connecting employees within the company.


RCAI is a software allowing AI-supported logging of meetings with voice control. With the help of RCAI, meetings can be prepared efficiently, the most important ideas and statements of the meeting can be recorded and a summarized. A protocol can be created through intelligent language processing in order to reshape the culture of meetings.

Robotic process automation and artificial intelligence (summer term 2020)

Cortana Protocolleague

The Cortana Protocolleague is a bot, which supports the users in creating a record of online conference. The bot documents and summarizes the most important content of the conference, identifies the individual tasks and provides the record to the users in a meta database.

Emergency Assist

The Emergency Assist app provides a service for patients, emergency rooms, and doctors, in that it supports the transparency and efficiency of administrative processes in hospitals. [Video]

Blockchain (summer term 2019)

Germ Block

GermBlock is a system, which is integrated into hand sanitizers in hospitals. It strengthens the awareness of hospital staff for disinfection and collects hygiene data.


The ScanMe app is directed to bike users and provides several functions - status verification of bikes, local events on bikes, selling proposals, and localization of the own bike.

Augmented reality and virtual reality (summer term 2018)


ARnesis provides mobile physiotherapy, in that the user can execute the training anywhere at anytime, track the progress, and motivated and efficiently gain back a healthy status.


AvatAR is a search and communication platform, which integrates augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The platform provides information in a company environment at the correct time and place to the correct person.


ExplorAR is an individualizable city guide, which integrates and categorizes information on public transportation and directions in one database and directs them to AR glasses. The provided features are especially interesting for disabled people.


insAR provides customer tailored advice and transparency of service packages in the insurance industry by using augmented reality via smartphones.