Previous Conferences

HICL 2022 - Changing Tides: The New Role of Resilience and Sustainability in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Sixteenth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Changing tides : the new role of resilience and sustainability in logistics and supply chain management : innovative approaches for the shift to a new era doi: 10.15480/882.4684 ISBN 978-3-756541-95-9

HICL 2021 - New Opportunities in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Fifteenth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Adapting to the future : how digitalization shapes sustainable logistics and resilient supply chain management doi: 10.15480/882.3947.2 ISBN 978-3-754927-70-0
  • Adapting to the future : maritime and city logistics in the context of digitalization and sustainability doi: 10.15480/882.3948.2   ISBN 978-3-754927-71-7

HICL 2020 - New Ways of Creating Value in Supply Chains and Logistics

Fourtheenth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Data science and innovation in supply chain management: how data transforms the value chain doi: 10.15480/882.2461 ISBN 978-3-750249-49-3
  • Data science in maritime and city logistics : data-driven solutions for logistics and sustainability doi: 10.15480/882.3100   ISBN 978-3-753123-47-9

HICL 2019 - Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation in Supply Chain and Logistics

Thirteenth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Artificial intelligence and digital transformation in supply chain management: innovative approaches for supply chains doi: 10.15480/882.2460   ISBN 978-3-750249-47-9
  • Digital transformation in maritime and city logistics: smart solutions for logistics doi: 10.15480/882.2461 ISBN 978-3-750249-49-3

HICL 2018 - Industry 4.0 and Digitalized Supply Chain Management 

Twelfth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • The road to a digitalized supply chain management doi:  10.15480/882.1777   ISBN 978-3-746765-35-8
  • Logistics 4.0 and sustainable supply chain management doi: 10.15480/882.1781 ISBN 978-3-746765-36-5

HICL 2017 - Logistics and SCM – The next Decade

Eleventh Conference - Conference Proceedings

HICL 2015- Logistics and SCM – The next Decade

Tenth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Innovations and Strategies for Logistics and Supply Chains: Technologies, Business Models and Risk Management (ISBN print: 978-3-7375-4057-5 ISBN online: 978-3-7375-4059-9 ISSN print: 2365-4430 ISSN online: 2365-5070)
  • Sustainability in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Approaches and Application Areas (ISBN print: 978-3-7375-6206-5 ISBN online: 978-3-7375-6207-2 ISSN print: 2365-4430 ISSN online: 2365-5070)
  • Operational Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chains: Efficiency, Data-driven Approaches and Security-related Insights (ISBN print: 978-3-7375-4056-8 ISBN online: 978-3-7375-4058-2 ISSN print: 2365-4430 ISSN online: 2365-5070)

HICL 2014- Next Generation Supply Chains: Trends and Opportunities

Ninth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Innovative Methods in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Current Issues and Emerging Practices (ISBN:  3844298789 )
  • Next Generation Supply Chains. Trends and Opportunities. (ISBN:  3844298797 )

HICL 2013- Success Drivers of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Eighth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Sustainability and Collaboration in Supply Chain Management: A Comprehensive Insight into Current Management Approaches (ISBN:  3844102663 )
  • Pioneering Solutions in Supply Chain Performance Management: Concepts, Technologies and Applications (ISBN:  3844102671 )

HICL 2012- Designing the Future Supply Chain - Reliable, Robust, Secure

Seventh Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Managing the Future Supply Chain: Current Concepts and Solutions for Reliability and Robustness (ISBN:  3844101802 )
  • Pioneering Supply Chain Design: A Comprehensive Insight into Emerging Trends, Technologies and Applications (ISBN:  3844101810 )

HICL 2011 - Maritime Logistics and International Supply Chain Management

Sixth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • International Supply Chain Management and Collaboration Practices (ISBN:  3844100717 )
  • Maritime Logistics in the Global Economy: Current Trends and Approaches (ISBN:  3844100725 )

HICL 2010 - Innovative Processes and Solutions in Logistics and SCM

Fifth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Pioneering Solutions in Supply Chain Management: A Comprehensive Insight into Current Management Approaches (ISBN:  9783503126859 )
  • Innovative Process Optimization Methods in Logistics: Emerging Trends, Concepts and Technologies (ISBN:  9783503126835 )

HICL 2009 - Supply Chain Performance

Fourth Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Supply Chain Performance Management: Current Approaches (ISBN:  9783503120475 )
  • High Performance Logistics: Methods and Technologies (ISBN:  9783503120482 )

HICL 2008 - Logistics Networks and Nodes

Third Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Global Logistics Management: Sustainability, Quality, Risks (ISBN:  9783503112289 )
  • Management in Logistics Networks and Nodes: Concepts, Technology and Applications (ISBN:  9783503112272 )

HICL 2007 - Innovations in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Second Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Innovative Logistics Management: Competitive Advantages through new Processes and Services (ISBN:  9783503103997 )
  • Key Factors for Successful Logistics Services, Transportation Concepts, IT and Management Tools (ISBN:  9783503106004 )

HICL 2006 - Complexity and Risk Management in Supply Chains

First Conference - Conference Proceedings

  • Managing Risks in Supply Chains: How to Build Reliable Collaboration in Logistics (ISBN:  3503097368 )
  • Complexity Management in Supply Chains: Concepts, Tools and Methods (ISBN:  3503097368 )