Cabin Systems III

Lecture and Exercise

The aim of the lecture and the related exercise is to provide an overview and in-depth insight to current research topics in the domain of the aircraft cabin and related areas. This module is devoted to the student's transition to professional life and student's interest in forward-looking research at university or in industry shall be supported.

Up to date R&D work and case studies relevant to industry and university will be presented and konwledge of the students will be deepend in the specific areas. Methods for market research and for the identification of key technologies related to the aircraft cabin will be demonstrated.

Introduction and motivation
  • The aircraft cabin – Where is the journey going?
  • Vision 2020 and the SRA
  • Stakeholders and authorities
  • Research challenges
Challenge: Environment

  • Emissions
  • Alternative fuels
  • Conversion of energy
  • Fuel cell
  • Cause for thought: The Aircraft Cabin


  • Challenge: Quality and affordability
  • Callenge: Air transport system efficiency
  • Challenge: Safety
  • Challenge: Security
  • Herausforderung Schutz des LTS