Former staff and contributors

Dr. Amir Banari, Postdoc

Research on simulation of natural transition from laminar to turbulent flows, turbulence modeling



Moritz Cornelius Nikolaus Hartmann, M.Sc.

Master thesis and HiWi on numerical simulation of ice-going ships

Philip Meier, M.Sc.

Research on overset grids and level-set methods


Micha Überrück, M.Sc.

Development of a numerical towing tank with nonreflecting boundary conditions, level-set advection and non-local grid refinement




Nils Brüdigam, M.Sc.

Master thesis and HiWi on turbulence modeling

Rupert Angerbauer, M.Sc.

Master thesis on turbulence modeling

Jörn Krüger

HiWi: rigid-body friction model

Adrian Budde, M.Sc.

Master thesis on pool sloshing aboard mega yachts

Nicolaus David Vassillière


Constantin Bach, B.Sc.

Project thesis on Ditching of Aircrafts

Lisa Reichert, M.Sc.

Master thesis and HiWi

Marie Richter, B.Sc.

Bachelor thesis and HiWi on Free Surface Boundary Conditions

Andres Rodriguez

Master Student, Technische Universität Braunschweig

Advanced visualization of real-time CFD

Patrick Schimonek

Machbarkeitsstudie zum Einsatz des Strömungslösers elbe zur Simulation von Notwasserlandungen von Verkehrsflugzeugen

Heinrich Nagrelli

Numerical Analysis of Fluid-Structure-Interaction with an LBM-VOF solver on GPGPU hardware

Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interactions with a GPGPU-accelerated Lattice Boltzmann Method

Christoph Bieler

Numerische Analyse und strömungstechnische Optimierung des Unterbodens eines Formula Student Rennwagens

Nils Koliha

Real-time rendering of complex multiphase flows

Sebastian Bengel

Internal flood water dynamics of ships

Silke Gralher

Numerische Simulation von Sloshing und Wellenschlag

Alexander Steinert

Numerische Simulation von Wellenausbreitung und Wellenauflauf