Ship-ice interactions considering ice breaking

In a second project, emphasis is restricted to the numerical simulation of ship-ice-interaction under consdideration of ice breaking. When attention is directed to the breaking of ice, several failure mechanisms occur, such as bending, crushing and buckling. Moreover, ice-ice collisions and ice sliding along the hull as well as the hydrodynamic interplay between floating objects are of relevance for the performance of the ship. The approach offers large potential for being embedded into the coupled multi-body hydrodynamic simulation which is presented above. Further emphasis is given to the modeling of contact forces between floating objects (vessel, level ice and ice floes) in the framework of a physics engine. The approach is aiming at a fast and reliable method to compute the forces and failure mechanisms during ice breaking.


For more details on the PrICE research project, see the FDS homepage.

  • M. Huisman, "Numerische Modellierung von Schiff-Eis-Interaktion mit Physik-Engines unter Ber├╝cksichtigung von Bruchmechanismen.", Master Thesis, July 2015.