University of Stavanger - UIS (Stavanger, Norway)

UIS is public University located in Stavanger, Norway. UIS have 10000 students and 1500 employees wit 4 faculties: Engineering, Social sciences, humanities, and a archaeological museum. Key issues for the UIS are to develop the region, collaborate with industry, and collaborate internationally as can be seen by the ECIU membership. UIS have had and have a long list of research and development projects in related areas like e-learning research, technology development, innovation research, entrepreneurial initiatives and research, and productions for multimedia and elearning. It is a stated strategy of UIS to develop activities and collaboration within innovations, entrepreneurship, and utilization of new media both in the UIS education and in research.

This project is located in UIS Business School, which includes the Centre for innovation and the Centre for entrepreneurship, but it involves also other parts of the organization. An example is the technology management at the UIS Center for Industrial Asset Management (CIAM) with 21 member industrial companies and Center for IP-based Services Innovation. And UIS through CIAM are part of the newly accepted EU project CARE under the Horizon 2020 platform related to the 'Factories of the Future' (FoF) program.

UIS will bring into Colibri experiences from research, and the results obtained in Colibri can help support the university’s strategy of innovation both in content and methods. The intention is to integrate these modules, and experience from delivering them, into the ordinary curriculum and the new experience based “Master of technology and Operations” which will start in Autumn 2014.

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