Talaia Networks S.L. (Barcelona, Spain)

Talaia Networks S.L. is a highly innovative, EU-based SME incorporated in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). Behind the products of Talaia Networks lies the expertise of more than 20 years of research in network monitoring from its founders. The company's mission is to develop commercial-grade network visibility solutions for today's enterprise networks based on the latest scientific advancements. The flagship product of Talaia is Network Polygraph, a network visibility system that, by incorporating the use of novel measurement techniques, obtains a superior visibility-to-cost ratio as compared to competing solutions, which either provide high visibility at enormous costs, or shallow visibility at low cost. This product is offered also as a service in the cloud, and it already counts with several customers, including the Spanish NREN, which connects more than 450 public institutions in Spain, and CSUC that provides connectivity to around 100 institutions in Catalonia.

Talaia brings into Colibri wide knowledge in different technical fields. They commit to contribute to the student project proposals and feedback on teaching materials.

Further information about Talaia Networks S.L can be found at www.talaianetworks.com