National Documentation Centre - EKT/NHRF (Athens, Greece)

EKT/NHRF is the national institution for the aggregation, documentation and dissemination of S&T information. Founded in 1980, the organization serves the country’s research, education, business communities and the wider public, enabling access to knowledge and facilitating research and innovation (R&I). EKT/NHRF focuses on expanding an already existing network of domestic and international alliances – an essential building block for the European Research Area – and encourages investments – a basic precondition for a viable and sustainable digital content policy that complies with European standards for transparency in public information, preservation and interoperability. Based on highly qualified staff and cutting-edge technology, EKT/NHRF empowers access to, and the growth of, knowledge through open content and facilities, digital resources, software, collaboration tools and related user-oriented services for R&I.

EKT/NHRF was included in the Colibri consortium due to its expertise in dissemination of scientific, research and technological information, in technology and innovation transfer, and in linking entrepreneurship with academic institutions. They are actively promoting Open Educational Resources and interested in exploring how OER can shape Europe’s future educational system, where it can be expected that more learning resources will be shared openly or between organisations. EKT/NHRF also brings in knowledge and competences with respect to dissemination and exploitation of results.

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