Colibri Partners

The Colibri consortium has 10 partners from different countries in Europe including Denmark, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Spain, and Turkey.

The partners are chosen so that each partner:

  • Brings in unique knowledge and experience that can contribute to reaching the objectives of Colibri.
  • Can see clear learning points and benefits from participating - which reaches out wider than the participating persons.
  • Has a strong commitment.
  • Can contribute to dissemination inside and outside of the participating organisations.

The universities represent different disciplines and experiences both when it comes to didactics and topics within the overall course. They represent different parts of Europe so teachers and students from different cultures are involved. The universities will generally contribute their different technical strongholds, and benefit from the developed teaching material, and experiences from the activities.

The companies are chosen based on their commitment to contribute by project proposals and feedback on teaching materials, and because they represent different technical fields. Furthermore, atene KOM, a enterprise partner, also has solid experience in project management and quality control.