Kick-off meeting, Sept. 29-30, Athens 

September 29

13.30Welcome and programme for the kick-off meeting
13.45Introduction of partners, motivations, wishes for outcomes.


Introduction to the Colibri project: A short refresher on Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships, going through what we have described in the application.

15.00Erasmus+ Administrative Guidelines (as much as we know), budget and economy
15.30Project organization
16.00Experiences from previous projects. Erasmus IP. Around the table: Experiences with IT-based teaching and Open Educational Resources
17.00Scope, topics and learning objectives for the course (and modules)
18.00Rounding off the day, conclusions, and the agenda for Tuesday

September 30

9.00Scope, topics and learning objectives  (continued from Sept. 29).
10.00Course form for the first year
11.00Initial plan for activities during the first year. Teacher training + course. Dissemination.
12.00Procedures for course design, quality assurance, implementation, evaluation.
13.00Initial discussion on requirements for technical platform(s)
13.30Any Other Business