Overview of Colibri

The overall idea of Colibri is to implement new and innovative teaching methods through a joint learning activity, and to establish a “Living Lab” of students from different universities, study directions and countries/cultures for a systematic testing and evaluation. Colibri contains 3 yearly cycles of teaching material development -> joint and blended learning activity -> evaluation-> dissemination. For each cycle the blended learning activities are expected to involve 2-5 teachers and 3-5 students per university (and EKT/NHRF).

Colibri can mainly be considered to be innovative to other projects in the participating organisations due to the following points:

Colibri has a truly European perspective.

Colibri develops material in collaboration between universities all over Europe, which allows for testing the different teaching materials and teaching methods on a very diverse set of students, and see how it is perceived by these different groups.

Colibri has a strong focus on making a difference on a systemic level.

It is not just about testing teaching methods, but with a high focus on disseminating the results, and make it easy for other to take up the methods and materials produced. The ambassadors ensure that the project is actively promoted among teaching staff within and outside of the participating organisations. The long term impact will thereby be a systemic impact on the educational system throughout Europe, which will increase the general level of education and thereby strengthening Europe's level of competitiveness.

Colibri has a strong focus on the end users: the students and their future employers.

This is obtained through the active involvement of companies in all stages of the project, including teaching material development and evaluation, and by actively using the students feedback in order to revise and improve the content and form of teaching and teaching materials.

Colibri explores personalized learning.

Colibri tackles the challenge of students coming with different backgrounds and prerequisites, so they can enter the course modules on their own levels, and with a differentiation in how deep the students will go in the different topics/modules.

Colibri is systematic.

Colibri is applying the new tools and methods in a learning context, and systematically trying out and evaluating these. The results, in terms of both teaching material and instructions/evaluations/experiences, will be openly shared inside and outside of the consortium.