Construction and renovation of urban sewer systems
Subtitle:Module: Construction and Simulation of Sewerage Systems
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ingo Weidlich, M. Sc Claas Menke
Type of course: Seminar

The lecturefocusses on construction and renovation of urban sewer pipelines.


  • Pipematerials, types and joint technology
  • Open trenches
  • Trenchless technologies

Pipe Statics:

  • Designof sewers according to ATV A 127
  • Earthpressure on pipes, pipe deformation, cutting forces
  • Comparisonwith other international calculation approaches


  • Failurecase study
  • Overviewon the different renovation technologies
  • Liner design according to DWA-A 143
Place:(Hafencity Universität Hamburg (HCU) - Raum 3.102)
Term: WiSe 22/23
Hours: Fri.. 14:15 - 15:45 (weekly)
First lecture: Fri., 21.10.2022 14:15 - 15:45, Room: (Hafencity Universität Hamburg (HCU) - Raum 3.102)
Lecture ID: lv1998_w22
ECTS-credit points: 3
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