Restructuring and maintenance of long living software systems

This project is running.

Among engineering sciences there are a lot of softwaretools which have been developped within extensive research programs. The value of this software is in the estimable reliability of its calculation results, even though the quality requirements of this software do not always come up to a modern standard. The aim of this project is to develop mechanisms and procedural methods how these systems, especially the E4-system for ship design applied in our institute, could be maintained and continously enhanced.

For more detailed information please get in touch with one of the contact persons: Wilfried Abels, Lars Greitsch


The following publications have been written during the research project:

  • Wilfried Abels, Lars Greitsch (2010). Usage and developing of specialized "First-Principle-Methods" for the early ship design. PRADS, Rio de Janeiro. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Stefan Krüger, Wilfried Abels, Lars Greitsch (2009). Abschlußbericht zum BMWi Vorhaben SESIS: Integration Full-MIssion Simulator. SESIS, Hamburg. [pdf]

  • Wilfried Abels, Lars Greitsch (2009). Software Development and Reengineering outside of the IT Industry using a Procedural Workflow Framework. Compit, Budapest. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Wilfried Abels (2007). Integration of Software Packages with Different Programming Paradigm, Exemplified by a Ship Model Generating Tool. Compit, Cortona, Italy. [Abstract] [pdf]

  • Wilfried Abels (2005). Combining Object-Oriented and Procedural Programming in Software. Compit, Hamburg. [pdf]