Visit of student group from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)

For the second time, a group of students from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) visited our institute and University for one week at the end of May, 2017. They gained rich experiences in the studies and lives of German university students as well as German culture.

The visit began with an introduction by Dr. Rainer Grünheid on TUHH and the study courses offered by our institute. After the welcome meeting the students took part in the lectures and tutorials of our institute, gained insight into the courses of German style. The students gave very positive feedback on the elaborated PowerPoint presentations, the active atmospheres in the classrooms, the use of ‘Clickers’ as well as the convenience of the course structures for self-learning.

On the second and third day, besides the tour on the campus, two lab courses were offered to the students, “ultrasonic data transmission” and “digital data transmission”. Furthermore lab courses from previous years were introduced to the students, including “autonomous racing car”, “electronic dog” and “grand campus challenge using automatically driving a car”. They were fascinated by the challenges of practice courses for German bachelor students, in particular by the requirements on the coordination and preparation of students as well as the challenges on supervisors.

In addition to participating courses, the students had opportunities to communicate with German students and teachers offline. They learned that the life of the German students is not restricted to lectures, books and library only. The extracurricular activities like concerts and performances help the students to learn in a relaxed environment and with an open mind.

The second part of the visit was devoted to German industry, such as the Hamburg port and DESY, where they gained insight into the sophisticated German industrial automation and information technology.

The visit ended with some sightseeing of Hamburg including the Miniature Wonderland. We are looking forward to further cooperation between UESTC and TUHH.

A group photo, saying (in Chinese) “the group visiting from UESTC to Germany”.