Teaching Awards for Students of Institute of Communications

On 6th of June 2019, three students working as tutors in the Institute of Communications received teaching awards from the “Zentrum für Lehre und Lernen” (ZLL) at TUHH. During a special ceremony in the TUHH main building, Felix Ganz, Jan-Joshua Schmitt, and Tal Peer were handed the prize to acknowledge their outstanding teaching skills in the group tutorials of “Signals and Systems” and the project based learning course on “Modern Wireless Systems”, respectively.

The awards presentation was embedded into the event “Practices of Engaging Students in Research@TUHH”, which was organized by ZLL. Prof. Kerstin Kuchta, vice president of teaching, gave the opening speech and stressed the important role of tutors in the teaching process at TUHH. Subsequently, the awards were presented by Caroline Thon-Gairola from ZLL. She introduced all – in total five – laureates and their respective teaching commitments. Three of the winners were or are employed at the Institute of Communications.

Felix Ganz and Jan-Joshua Schmitt are currently working as tutors in the group tutorials of the course “Signals and Systems”, where students are assisted when trying to solve the respective tasks on their own. The tutors prove their excellent didactical skills by managing to foster a high motivation and a better understanding of the lecture topics in the student groups. The tutors also give valuable feedback to the teaching staff of the institute.

Tal Peer was involved in the project-based learning course on “Modern Wireless Systems”. He was extraordinarily engaged in the course preparation and supervision of the students, covering a very broad scope. It included the preparation of the simulation chain, contribution to teaching materials, support for students in the implementation phase using GNU Radio/Python, and consultation in the preparation of posters.

All three tutors received a very positive evaluation from students as well as from their supervisors, so the prizes – consisting of a certificate and a book voucher – are absolutely well deserved. Congratulations!

The award winners: Tal Peer, Felix Ganz, Jan-Joshua Schmitt)

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