Student Excursion to Munich (May 2015)

The Institutes of Communications, Microwave Engineering and Communications Networks jointly organized a student excursion to Munich. From the 27th to the 29th of May, the students have visited Rohde & Schwarz, as well as Airbus Defense & Space.

In the past couple of years, the organization of student excursions to Munich became a tradition for the Institute of Communications. This year, 21 students took the opportunity to travel to Munich. From the 27th to the 29th of May, the students enjoyed the pleasant visits at Rohde & Schwarz, Airbus Defense & Space, and their stay in the capital of Bavaria. Rohde & Schwarz is a company which manufactures wireless-communications test and measurement equipment, as well as television-broadcasting equipment and devices for secure communications, radiomonitoring and radiolocation. With their cutting-edge spectrum analyzers and signal generators, Rohde & Schwarz is the world’s leader for cellphone testing equipment. Airbus Defense & Space at Ottobrunn (southeast of Munich), is well known for their thrust engines for the Ariane rockets worldwide. Moreover, their space communication division involves frontend and antenna design and testing.

The journey started on the early Wednesday morning in Hamburg-Harburg, where the students and few members from the Institutes of Communications, Microwave Engineering, and Communication Networks met to take the highspeed train to Munich. After a 6-hour ride, the group arrived at Munich’s central station and the close by hostel in the early afternoon. Shortly after the arrival, an interesting and fascinating guided tour was scheduled. After several delightful fairy tales regarding the history of Munich, the day was concluded with an excellent dinner in the “Tegernseer Tal” in the historic center of Munich.

The following morning and afternoon were entirely spent at the Rohde & Schwarz headquarters. The group was warmly welcomed by Mrs. Carolin Hockenholz, who also held the initial presentation. Interesting talks were presented throughout the whole day, comprising talks about the average day as a microwave engineer or the successful planning and execution of a product. These talks were complemented with a guided tour to Rohde & Schwarz showroom. The showroom exhibits a board range of their products from diverse business fields.

The excursion was concluded with an intriguing visit at Airbus Defense & Space at Ottobrunn. After a short introduction and a detailed overview of the company divisions, guided tours to the thrust engine manufacturing plant and to a giant antenna measurement chamber were taken. After a short lunch break, a fascinating talk revealed information about the history of space communication was held. In addition, state-of-the-art frontend design for satellites was illustrated with already manufactured sample parts.

Later that day, the group returned to Munich’s central station and took the train back to Hamburg. After another 6-hour ride, during which everyone had the chance to discuss the experience of the excursion, the group arrived safely in Hamburg.