Reception on the occasion of Prof. Bauch’s IEEE fellowship

In January 2015 Prof. Gerhard Bauch was awarded with the IEEE Fellowship for his contributions to iterative processing in multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems. On this occasion, a reception was held at the TUHH.


Prof. Bauch (center) together with Prof. Schupp (department dean, left),
and Prof. Knutzen (vice president of TUHH).


The reception was attended by many colleagues from the department of electrical engineering, informatics and mathematics. Also, the formerly elected IEEE Fellows, Prof. Arne Jacob and Prof. Hermann Rohling, joined the event. Prof. Sibylle Schupp, dean of the department of electrical engineering, informatics and mathematics, commenced the ceremony with a welcoming speech. Following, Prof. Knutzen, vice president of the TUHH, contributed an enjoyable speech to honor Prof. Bauch’s promotion to Fellow of the IEEE. Lastly, Fabian Niehaus, chair of the local IEEE student branch, congratulated in the name of the IEEE student branch.

Prof. Bauch during his speech.


At the end of the formal part of the ceremony, Prof. Bauch gave a brief, introduction to the field of research for which he was honored. A coarse overview was given, and illustrative examples emphasized the importance of both coding and MIMO systems in modern wireless communications. After this talk, Rainer Grünheid, representative for the Institute of Communications, presented a trophy to Prof. Bauch that was self-designed and constructed by the team. Finally, everyone had to opportunity join the reception, have a drink or a piece of cake, and enjoy conversations in a relaxed atmosphere.

The self-designed trophy that was awarded to Prof. Bauch
by the institute’s team.