Meeting of ITG Professional Group „Applied Information Theory“ in Hamburg

On April 28th and 29th, 2015, the Institute of Communications at TUHH hosted a meeting of the professional group “Applied Information Theory” (AIT) of the Information Technology Society (ITG).

The professional group AIT comes together twice a year at different locations. For the meeting in Hamburg, 30 scientists from all over Germany had convened to address the overlying topic of coding and transmission schemes for high rate communications systems. In this context, 15 presentations were given, which covered various aspects of channel coding, modulation, as well as relaying and interference management in MIMO systems. Additionally, a detailed tutorial was offered on the first day by Prof. Eduard Jorswieck from TU Dresden about approaches and challenges in physical layer security.

Prof. Gerhard Bauch, head of the Institute of Communications at TUHH, together with Prof. Eduard Jorswieck from TU Dresden, and Dr. Dirk Wübben, chairman of the professional group AIT, from the University of Bremen (from left to right)


Last but not least, a joint dinner at the Italian restaurant “Caspari” offered the chance to continue the discussions in a relaxed atmosphere and to foster the networking among the attendees.

The general objectives of the AIT group are the enhancement and intensification of contacts among university departments and research facilities working in the addressed field of research. In particular, the professional group AIT offers young scientists (e.g., PhD students) a forum to present their results on a national platform and to gain experience within this casual atmosphere. It is also intended to support the establishment of cooperating research teams in order to work on specific topics from different points of view.

The next AIT meeting is planned in Stuttgart for later this year. More information on the professional group AIT and respective upcoming events can be found at

Attendees during a session of the AIT meeting in Hamburg