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Admission Guidelines

Requirements for International Master Courses,
  • Good TOEFL/IELTS score
  • Good GRE score (Not mandatory, but advantageous)
  • Bachelor’s CGPA: Preferably above 8.0 (1.0-2.5 in German scale)
  • Curriculum Vitae in (Europass format)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Details of deadlines for various courses can be found in the link under the respective International Masters courses.
    The application for the admission can be found here.
    Since the University has a very good blend of students from all across the globe, heterogeneity in profile will definitely be an added advantage to secure a seat in the esteemed university.
    The compatibility of the course should be checked in relation to the Bachelor studies, since this is the primary criteria.
    Further, if you have some professional experience and now want to hone your management skills, you may also consider applying for a dual degree of M.Sc. and MBA at Northern Institute of Technology Management, an institute founded by Professors and well-wisher’s of TUHH.


    "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" We adhere to this principle strictly. In order to help students enjoy their stay at Hamburg and imbibe some more enthusiasm in their studies, ISATUHH organises the following events.
    India Day
    The Subcontinent Country is always brimming with joy, colours, festivals and food. We at ISATUHH celebrate “India” on this day by organizing events that are depictive of the Indian culture. There will be dance, music, and food. The event is becoming bigger and better every year! Make sure you never miss this day!
    Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations
    “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” said the man who adopted the noble practice of “ahimsa” or non-violence to fight for India’s freedom. Remembered popularly as the “Father of the Nation” and fondly as “Bapu”, his birthday is celebrated as “Gandhi Jayanthi” in India. Recently, United Nations has decided to remember this day as the “International Day of Non-violence”. To mark this occasion, ISATUHH organizes an event to pay our due respect to the Mahatma.

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      An institution is born

      The Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) was established in the year 1978. Since then the university has raised in the ranks to become one of the youngest and top universities in Germany. TUHH is also the first university in Germany that started the International Masters programs in 1997. Now it offers Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees, with about eight areas of specialization in the International Masters program.

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      Our humble beginnings

      As the University grew and became more International, many of the national students associations have formed under the aegis of TUHH Students Union AStA. The aim of these associations were being to co-ordinate, help and diffuse information among prospective and current students from respective countries about TUHH in general. In this respect, to serve the Indian students, Indian Students Association at TUHH (ISATUHH) is formed. ISATUHH has come a long way from the early days and has taken up more responsibilities not only to serve the Indian students better, but also to spread an awareness about India and its culture to the International community at TUHH.

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    You have questions, we have answers

    Why TUHH?
    The Technical University of Hamburg is one of the youngest universities in Germany that offers International Master's degree courses with an aim to produce world class engineers for the future. It is equipped with a beautiful campus, with state of the art laboratories and a well-equipped library catering to the needs of all students who want to pursue a solid engineering education.

    What type of Visa is required to study in Germany?
    To study in Germany, German student visa is required. Processing of Visa takes 4 - 12 weeks. The Visa is valid for 3 months from the date of travel, it is mandatory to apply for a Residence Permit after your arrival in Germany. For Further Requirements of Visa details please click here

    How about job opportunities?
    Both part time and full time job opportunities are available in Germany.Students can start applying for jobs only ater they reach Germany. University will not assure jobs to any individual. Some student jobs can be found here

    Are German language skills required before coming to Germany?
    German language is not mandatory as the courses are offered in English. But knowing the language is always an added advantage.

    Will University help in accommodation?
    TUHH Accommodation Office will assist you find a suitable accommodation. Details of which can be found here

    What are the essential prerequisites before travel?
    It is advisable to carry an amount of 500 – 700 Euros at the time of travel to manage your initial expenses. It is mandatory to take travel insurance for a minimum period of two months from the date of travel.

    How much would be the monthly expenses approximately?
    It solely depends on the individual. There are some basic expenses like room rent, insurance, mobile, food, which we cannot cut down on. Room rent (EUR 230-300), Insurance (EUR 66- 80), Mobile (EUR 10-25), Miscellaneous (EUR 75-100) would be a rough estimate for the expenses monthly.

    Should I take health insurance from India itself (as it is cheaper)?
    No, that will not be valid here. You may have to take a Health insurance policy after coming here. ISATUHH will help you with this after you reach Hamburg.

    Are there any possibilities for arranging pick up from the Airport?
    Yes, you have to upload your arrival data on ISATUHH info database and the rest will be taken care by us. For others it cannot be assured.

    Our Amazing Team

    Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean

    Narendhiran Ekkadu Ekambaram

    Masters in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering


    Supradeep Chikaballapur Manjunath

    Vice President
    Masters in Information and Communication Systems


    Aravind Ramasamy

    Masters in Mechantronics


    Gulshan Kumar Krishnagiri

    Marketing & Public Relations Officer
    Masters in Information and Communication Systems


    Sivaraman Chidambaram

    Masters in Mechantronics


    Chaithrashree Kasaravalli Ramakrishna Rao

    Creative Head
    Masters in International Production Management


    Dwani Venkataswamy Gowda

    Cultural Head
    Masters in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering

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