Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We cordially invite you to the 6th International Conference on Nanomechanics and Nanocomposites (ICNN6) which aims to enhance interactions among scientists and engineers from Academia, Research Institutions and Industries. Nanotechnology has emerged as one of the most promising tools for creating high performance and multifunctional materials for a wide range of applications.

The ICNN conferences attract internationally renowned scientists, engineers and researchers in the field of mechanics, physics and chemistry of nanocomposites, with a scientific program covering theoretical aspects and experimental methods. The last conference ICNN5 was held in 2018 at Fukuoka, Japan, which had high-quality presentations on the basis of strict professional selection and promoted long-term cooperation among the participants.

We are expecting an excellent international attendance at the conference, and we hope that the inspiring atmosphere of Hamburg will provide a stimulating background for scientific and social exchange amongst scientists from all over the world.

Hamburg is a major European science, research, and education hub, with several universities and institutions. Among its most notable cultural venues is the Elbphilharmonie (Venue for Welcome Receiption, see schedule) concert hall. The city is a major international and domestic tourist destination. It ranked 18th in the world for livability in 2016. The Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2015.

Heavy industry of Hamburg includes the making of steel, aluminium, copper and various large shipyards such as Blohm + Voss. Hamburg, along with Seattle and Toulouse, is an important location of the civil aerospace industry. Airbus, which has a final assembly plant in Finkenwerder, employs over 13,000 people (facility visit on Friday, see schedule).

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I wish you all a very warm welcome and look forward seeing you in Hamburg in September 2020.

Sincerely yours,


Bodo Fiedler

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