Research Seminar Series

All Things Considered: Are Decisions Made with Mobile Devices Less Accurate?Prof. Dr. Lior Fink (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)06.08.2019
Is Incentive-Aligned Choice-based Conjoint still a Benchmark? The Use of Adaptive Designs to Increase Predictive ValidityJun.-Prof. Dr. Marcel Lichters (Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg)01.08.2019
Does host-home country similarity really have an impact on performance when internationalizing? The case of Spanish firmsJulen Castillo Apraiz02.07.2019
Customizing exploitation and exploration quality management practices to strategy: Implications for firm performanceJulen Castillo Apraiz18.06.2019
An Explanatory and Predictive PLS-SEM Approach to the Relationship between Organizational Culture, Organizational Performance and Customer Loyalty: The Case of Health ClubsGabriel Cepeda (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)18.06.2018
Impact of Informations Systems Capabilities on Firm Performance: The Mediating Role of Organizational Agility and the Contingency Effect of the Industry's Technology IntensityJosé L. Roldán (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)18.06.2018
Opportunities for Scientific Research and Publishing in JapanProf. Dr. Ralf Bebenroth (Kobe University)03.08.2017
Communication Goal Structure as Imperative for Operative Integration Success at M&AProf. Dr. Ralf Bebenroth (Kobe University)01.08.2017
Publication Seminar - Revising Manuscripts and Responding to ReviewersProf. Dr. M. Bick, Prof. Dr. R. Wilken (ESCP Europe)
Publication Seminar - Crafting ManuscriptsProf. Dr. M. Bick, Prof. Dr. R. Wilken (ESCP Europe)29.05.2017
Determinants of Patient Satisfaction – Model DevelopmentJana Rosenbusch15.12.2016
Empowering Yourself to Publish in International Refereed Journals:  A Journey of PerseveranceDr. Necmi K. Avkiran (UQ Business School)07.06.2016
Empirische Analyse des Dickenquerprofils von gießgewalzten Magnesiumblechen Claudia Kawalla (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)30.05.2016
Combining DCE and PLSAndreas Fischer30.05.2016
Vehicle Sharing: Simulation des Vehicle Relocation ProblemsStefan Illgen (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)30.05.2016
Satisfaction in the Health Care Market – OverviewJana Rosenbusch30.05.2016
Research Endeavor: Standing on the Shoulders of GiantsIda Rosnita Ismail03.12.2015
Determinants of Patient Satisfaction – First AnalysisJana Rosenbusch03.12.2015
Combining DCE and PLSAndreas Fischer21.09.2015
Determinants of Customer Loyalty – PLS Model Discussion Anne-Kathrin Hegner-Kakar 21.09.2015
The employees’ view on cross-border M&As in JapanKai-Oliver Thiele21.09.2015
Developing and Measuring Research Models: Issues and ChallengesIda Rosnita Ismail24.04.2015
Determinants of Customer LoyaltyAnne-Kathrin Hegner-Kakar24.04.2015
Aging Users Technology and Innovation Acceptance – Choosing the right modelSandra Schubring24.04.2015
Satisfaction in the Health Care Sector – FoundationsJana Rosenbusch24.04.2015
Common factor models, factor models und composite models Prof. Dr. Christian M. Ringle27.03.2015
Emerging Market SourcingTabea Tressin27.03.2015
Strategic Orientations – eine MetaanalyseProf. Dr. Artur Baldauf17.06.2014
The Wealth of Networks: Wie sich Unternehmen durch "Peer-Production" transformierenProf. Dr. Dr. Ayad Al-Ani12.12.2013
Messung von Kausal-Modellen – ReplikationsstudieKai-Oliver Thiele06.12.2013
Determinants of Employee Satisfaction in Aging WorkforcesDavid Drabe06.12.2013
Determinants of Customer Loyalty – The Impact of Relationship Age IIIAnne-Kathrin Hegner-Kakar (GfK, Research Manager Fashion & Lifestyle)06.12.2013
InnoAge – Project Update "First Analyses/Results"Sandra Pakur13.11.2013
Capabilities for customer value: The synergistic effect of knowledge management, market orientation, and customer relationship managementGabriel Cepeda (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)23.10.2013
The mediation analysis with Partial Least Squares (PLS): Guidelines and two examplesJosé L. Roldán (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)23.10.2013
InnoAge – Project UpdateSandra Pakur30.05.2013
Einführung in die ZeitreihenanalyseProf. Dr. Rainer Schlittgen (Universität Hamburg)12.03.2013
Emerging Market Sourcing – Drivers and the Impact of Underlying Strategies Tabea Tressin 21.11.2012
Aging Users' Technology and Innovation Acceptance and Satisfaction Sandra Pakur 21.11.2012
Determinants of Employee Satisfaction in Aging Workforces David Drabe 21.11.2012
Determinants of Customer Loyalty – The Impact of Relationship Age II Anne-Kathrin Hegner-Kakar (GfK, Research Manager Fashion & Lifestyle) 21.11.2012
Der erweiterte Lohmöller Algorithmus II Hans Widera 21.11.2012
An Empirical Comparison of the Efficacy of SEM Methods Adam Lukaszewski 21.11.2012
Post-Doctoral Qualification Process Dr. Nicole Richter 21.11.2012
InnoAge - Project Meeting: "Update – Aging User Technology and Innvation Acceptance" Sandra Pakur 07.11.2012
New Developments in PLS Prof. Dr. Theo K. Dijkstra (University of Groningen and Free University Amsterdam) 31.10.2012
Wie publiziere ich meine Ergebnisse? Prof. Dr. Henrik Sattler (Universität Hamburg) 26.07.2012
Attributes to Product Innovation and their Adoption Prof. Dr. John E. Ettlie (Rochester Institute of Technology; 26.07.2012
Technology and Innovation Acceptance Sandra Pakur 26.07.2012
InnoAge - Methodology Meeting: "The PLS-Agent" Sandra Pakur 27.06.2012
Technology and Innovation Acceptance Models in PLS Prof. Dr. Siggi Gudergan (University of Newcastle) 27.06.2012
Greece Descends into Chaos without the Euro Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Hansmann (Universität Hamburg) 14.06.2012
InnoAge Project Meeting Nils Levsen, Iris Lorscheid, Sandra Pakur & Konstantin Wellner 06.06.2012
Der erweiterte Lohmöller Algorithmus I Hans Widera 08.05.2012
The PLS Agent Prof. Dr. Matthias Meyer, Prof. Dr. Christian M. Ringle, Iris Lorscheid & Sandra Pakur 07.05.2012
Foundations of PLS and Agent Based Simulation David Drabe, Iris Lorscheid & Sandra Pakur 26.04.2012
Spotlight – Collecting Information Acquisition with RFID Sara Kheiravar 24.04.2012
InnoAge Project Meeting David Drabe, Klaus Iffländer, Nils Levsen, Iris Lorscheid, Sandra Pakur & Konstantin Wellner 11.04.2012
Determinanten der Arbeitszufriedenheit in alternden Belegschaften David Drabe 04.04.2012
InnoAge – Methodology Meeting: "PLS-Path Modelling" Sandra Pakur 26.03.2012
Determinants of Customer Loyalty – The Impact of Relationship Age I Anne-Kathrin Hegner-Kakar (GfK, Research Manager Fashion & Lifestyle) 01.02.2012
InnoAge Project Kick-Off Patrick Bauer, David Drabe, Klaus Iffländer, Iris Lorscheid, Sandra Pakur; Gastvortrag: Mathias Knigge (Firma: Grauwert) 20.01.2012
Job Satisfaction Across Cultures Dr. Nicole Richter 2012
Generalized Structured Component Analysis Adam Lukaszewski 13.12.2011
Determinants of Job Satisfaction Across Cultures and in Aging Societies Dr. Nicole Richter & David Drabe 20.09.2011
Success Factors of Emerging Markets Sourcing Tabea Tressin 20.09.2011
Internationlisation and Firm Performance Dr. Nicole Richter 15.01.2011