Jonas Schuster, M. Sc.



Hamburg University of Technology
Water Resources and Water Supply
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 3 (E)
DE-21073 Hamburg


Building E
Room 1.032


+49 40 428 78 39 84


Office Hours

on appointment


Working fields

  • Digitalisation of water distribution systems
  • Ensuring the high quality of drinking water
  • Online measurement of water quality parameters
  • Recycling of water and resources



MoDiCon – Online-Monitoring und digitale Steuerung in Trinkwasserversorgungssystemen



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Leonid Kadinski, Jonas Schuster, Gopinathan R. Abhijith, Hao Cao, Anissa Grieb, Pu Li, Mathias Ernst, Avi Ostfeld
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Jonas Schuster, Leonid Kadinski, Hao Cao, Gopinathan R. Abhijith, Anissa Grieb, Pu Li, Avi Ostfeld, Mathias Ernst
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Hao Cao, Jonas Schuster, Leonid Kadinski, Gopinathan R. Abhijith, Anissa Grieb, Mathias Ernst, Avi Ostfeld, Pu Li
Optimal Control of Chlorine Concentration in Water Distribution System. in World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2022, 1146–1154. doi:10.1061/9780784484258.107.

Jonas Schuster, Johanna Huber, Jakob Stumme, Anissa Grieb, Mathias Ernst, (2022). Combining real-time fluorescence spectroscopy and flow cytometry to reveal new insights in DOC and cell characterization of drinking water. Frontiers in Environmental Chemistry, 3.

Jonas Schuster, Hanna Backes, Anissa Grieb, Mathias Ernst, (2022). Real-time Trinkwasseranalyse mittels Durchflusszytometrie und Fluoreszenzspektroskopie. Wasser 2022 - Jahrestagung der Wasserchemischen Gesellschaft, 223–229.

Jonas Schuster, Leonid Kadinski, Hao Cao, G. R. Abhijith, Pu Li, Avi Ostfeld, Mathias Ernst, (2022). Online monitoring and digital control in drinking water distribution systems. MOST-BMBF Cooperation in Water Technology Research, 35–41.


Yuanpeng Fu, Jonas Schuster, Martina Petranikova, Burçak Ebin, (2021). Innovative recycling of organic binders from electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Volume 172, 105666, ISSN 0921-3449,

Jonas Schuster, Burçak Ebin, (2021). Investigation of indium and other valuable metals leaching from unground waste LCD screens by organic and inorganic acid leaching, Separation and Purification Technology, Volume 279, 119659, ISSN 1383-5866,

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