Research projects

Project Title
COL_Ex DVGW project: Removal of dissolved organic carbon from groundwater containing humic acids (decolorization) – possible applications and limits of treatment processes (COL_EX)
SULEMAN BMWi-cooperation project: Treatment of groundwater with increased sulfate concentration: innovative options and limits of resource and energy efficient drinking water management (SULEMAN)
KonTriSol BMBF Collaborative research project: Concentrates from drinking water treatment - approaches to solving the technical, legal and economic obstacles to the use of NF/RO processes in drinking water treatment
Selmo-HF Selective Oxy-anion Removal from Drinking Waters by modified Hollow Fiber Membranes
MoDiCon Online monitoring and digital control in drinking water supply systems
SCOUT DVGW Innovations Scouting Water
NOM eSorp Membrane Electro-conductive porous membranes for electro-sorption/-desorption of natural organic matter from water
FITWAS Reuse of filter rinse water from groundwater treatment to safeguard drinking water supply